About Us

About us

United Quest Financial, Inc. has offered its services to used automobile dealers since 2008.

Regardless of their credit history, the company is ready and able to help those willing to make the effort to improve or re-establish their credit.

Investor Relations

United Quest Financial, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Agustin Gonzalez. We are an indirect auto financing company working with dealers that have a “buy here, pay here” operation to provide capital and servicing solutions regardless of the consumer’s credit history. We have grown with our bulk purchases program and are able to partner with different captive finance companies, and independent finance companies.

Currently, we have partners in more than 7 states and we will continue to grow to win market share all across the nation. Forming strong long-term relationships with both auto dealers and our employees has contributed to the growth of United Quest Financial from a local South Florida based company to an organization that purchases receivables across the nation.

At United Quest Financial, we believe that if given the opportunity to build or rebuild their credit history, individuals will make the most of the opportunity. At the moment, we report to one of the national credit reporting agencies, giving our customers the opportunity to improve their credit score and potentially qualifying for more traditional financing. We also pride ourselves on providing the absolute best service in the industry to both the auto dealer and the loan holder.

Corporate Sustainability

Here at United Quest Financial, Inc., we believe that sustainability is about preserving our environment, respecting our employees and communities, and returning value to our shareholders. Sustainability is not a cost of doing business; it is a way of doing business. As one of the top subprime lenders in the state of Florida, United Quest Financial, Inc. has been committed since our inception to operating responsibly.

Since United Quest Financial was founded in 2008, the company has committed to try to protect the environment by trying to reduce the use of paper as much a possible by using technology to digitalize our documents trough the implementation of different software and by recycling our supplies. An example of it will be the continuous reuse of folders, and hiring companies to recycle and handle our paperwork with confidential information. The use of online and digital request forms, has also helped us in order to achieve this goal. In addition, we have engaged in leases with energy efficient equipment to lower our demand for electric power in order to become a “greener” company.  Finally, we work every day on trying to educate our customers into going “paperless” on their accounts.

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