Portfolio Acquisition

Portofolio Acquisition

United Quest Financial, Inc. is currently interested in purchasing subprime automobile receivables in the form of bulk purchase transactions.  Our target bulk purchase must have at least 250k in gross receivables.  Qualified bulk purchase loans should have seasoned for least 2 months of payments, it must have comprehensive and collision coverage insurance with deductible of a minimum of $500. Our target vehicle mileage must average under 100K at inception of contract and no mileage over 120K.  No account should be greater than 15 days past due at time of closing.  Titles must be in house or with LOC/Bank and must list the dealer or related company as first lienholder (no third parties). Title listed or branded as “Rebuilt”, “Salvage”, “Lemon” or “T.M.U.” do not qualify for acquisition.

Some benefits of selling your portfolio include:

  • Access to capital for organizational growth
  • Ability for dealerships to focus on selling cars, not collecting payments
  • Eliminate collection servicing overhead
  • Instant cash flow

Our Bulk Purchase Program:

The Bulk Purchase Program was created to help dealers to raise operating capital by selling their accounts receivable while still retaining a large front-end profit and reducing their risk. Our company will customize each deal to fit the dealer needs.


  • Minimum of 20 accounts or $250,000 per deal
  • 60 days seasoning
  • Bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment are accepted
  • Vehicles with model year of 2011 or newer
  • No salvage, TMU, Lemon Law or Rebuilt
  • Maximum 15 days delinquent at time of closing

Our Point of Sale Program:

The point of sale program was designed to allow the dealer to capture the “Buy-Here Pay-Here Customer” without the added expense of holding the loans in house. In addition, sell more cars, with less money.


  • No Seasoning Required
  • Max Term of 72 months
  • Vehicles with model year 2012 or newer
  • 15% Down Payment
  • Minimum Fico score of 450
  • No salvage, TMU, Lemon Law or Rebuilt
  • 3 months recourse
  • APR start at 18% up to State Max Allowed
  • Advance Rates up to Clean Trade Nada plus Adds

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