Our Team

Our All-Star Management Team

One of the key factors of United Quest Financial Inc.’s success is its management TEAM. We highly believe in words like “leadership” and “TEAM”, and based on this philosophy, our managers have managed to put together and lead a TEAM of employees and partners that have contributed to materialize the vision and success of United Quest Financial’s founders.

Meet the Team:

Agustin A. Gonzalez

President, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Graduated engineering in 1990 and subsequently obtained his Master’s Degree in Management; he first got involved in the Auto Industry by working for renowned Daimler-Chrysler. After 7 successful years at Daimler-Chrysler, Mr. Gonzalez moved to the US. In 2008, he founded United Quest Financial, Inc. as President and CEO with the help of Mary Gonzalez, VP. His responsibilities also include focusing on strategic plans by working with the Board and other TEAM members to establish short and long term goals, as well as policies.

Mary D. Gonzalez

Vice President and Member of the Board

As Vice President and Co-founder of United Quest Financial, Inc., Maria oversees the Human Resources Department, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, she is described as a woman with great vision, integrity and discipline which attributes her as a well pronounced leader within our TEAM. She has been instrumental in the development of the company by bringing together a diverse and successful team. Prior to the success now in the auto industry, Maria was an experienced underwriter and mortgage broker. She has also worked as a computer systems analyst at Barinas Bank, in Venezuela.

Tra' Mobley

Operations Manager

Mrs. Mobley began her career in the lending industry in the early 2000’s as an underwriter for Countrywide Home Loans. In 2008, at the inception of United Quest Financial, Inc., LaTramos first began as the Senior Underwriter and was then promoted to the Operations Manager. Leading the operations of the office as a great TEAM player, overseeing the underwriting, verifications, insurance and compliance of the company. Her ability to multi-task is a key component in the Company’s success and growth.

Ricardo D. Rodriguez, MBA

VP of Finance and Operations

Ricardo Rodriguez joined United Quest Financial, Inc. team after finishing his Masters of Business Administration at Texas A&M University. He is a multidisciplinary professional with a total of 14 years work experience in different business fields such as Subprime Auto Lending, Healthcare, Aviation, Financial Investments, Education, and Military. Mr. Rodriguez leads the Department of Loan Servicing and Asset Recovery, developing successful strategies and plans to administer loans, minimizing losses of United Quest Financial, Inc. and maximizing recoveries of non-performing loans within our portfolio.

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